Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ryan is increasingly crying/whining while feeding, is almost constantly squirming (ie: straightening out, kicking his feet, pulling his head away (while still attached to nipple - ouch) while eating, gets the hiccups a lot and has been super fussy/crying lately. So much to the point we're having a hard time consoling him right now after he just got done eating. Doesn't spit up much, though - 2-3 times max since he's been born.

I can tell he is definitely in some sort of pain and it breaks my heart. We originally thought maybe it was gas, but after reading up, I'm beginning to think maybe reflux?

Will call the pedi tomorrow/Monday and hopefully get an appointment to get this figured out!

I'm sorry, Ryan!

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shawna said...

It definitely sounds like silent reflux. I hope he feels better soon.