Monday, June 29, 2009

Who knew...

...someone coud fit so much into such a small room! We cleaned out the guest room this weekend for the nursery. And wow. Just wow. There was sooo much stuff. In every single corner. it is now spread out in the rest of the house. But hey - at least the room is empty! lol

We only have the 2 bedrooms. And I honestly have no idea where we're going to put everything we had in there. We're going to have to get creative, I think. And DH and I are now going to have to share a closet. That is going to be scary. It's not that either of us have a TON of clothes, it's that neither of us keeps the neatest of closets. Especially DH. Our bedroom is small and I have a feeling it's going to get even smaller - especially once we have the baby in there, too.

So now we just have to paint and then get new carpeting. Then we can start filling it again!

Wish us luck!

OH! And today is the end of my 25h week - wow!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Hey there - been MIA for a while. My hard drive crashed so had a loaner and tried not to do too much that wasn't work related (I don't have a home computer at the moment).

But - all is doing well! We've based V-Day (Viability Day)! That pretty much means that if something were to happen, hospitals would do everything they can to try and save the little guy. And NO - it doesn't mean I want him to be born now, just comforting to know there'd at least be some hope.

I've been taking belly pics right along, but haven't really seen much change. Once of these days, I may actually post them! LOL

OK - have to get back to work, but I hope all is well with everyone. Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Appointment Today

Had another appointment today (23 weeks!). No ultrasound or anything, just routine with some updates:

1) Said I can come off Lovenox at 28 weeks if I'm comfortable with doing so. If not, let him know and can stay on up to 36 weeks if I want. Not sure how long I'll go. Probably just go until I run out? Not sure how much I have left.

2) Need to do the GD check and re-check thyroid levels before next appointment. Next appt. is 7/13 so will probably schedule those the week before. My initial glucose level was 71 when they first drew it, so hopefully it stays low!

3) BP looks good and have gained 3 lbs in the last month. Total +6 I think? I went forever without actually gaining, so it's weird seeing that. I know I'm supposed to gain weight, but I am not going to lie and say it's not a scary thing!

4) Switching to DH's insurance next month (cheaper delivery costs and covers breast pumps and class discounts - yay!) so got some info on the breast pump thing. He just said I need to give them a call to see if they need a durable medical form or an Rx for it and he'll do whatever we need. Even if it's not covered 100%, it's a big SCORE in my mind - those things aren't cheap!

5) He ok's our trip to Jamaica next month - yay! We tried multiple times last year to go on that trip, but it kept getting postponed due to treatments so this year (assuming our ass of a travel agent actually does her job), we'll actually get to go! We just have to come in and see them a couple days before we go to get a final check and get some "tips" and a copy of my apperwork to take with. Can't wait!

6) Found out we get another ultrasound between 32-34 weeks for measurements - sweet!

7) Lastly - I'm off pelvic rest! Still required to call if I have any spotting, but now that means we can have sex (if we get the nerve!) and do more than just walking for exercise, lift things, etc... Yay!

OK - guess that's it - sorry it was so long. I just really like my office so it's easy to get carried away. Everyone I've seen so far has been great!

Hope everyone's doing well! And finally - a big congratulations to Sandi for making it to full term today!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

You have GOT to be Kidding Me!

WTF! Over a month ago, we called the travel agent we used for our honeymoon to re-book our anniversary trip to Jamaica. We were supposed to go last year, but it kept getting postponed due to treatments and therefore we never met.

Three weeks later and numbers attempts at contact later, she FINALLY gets back to us with some potential flights/dates. I get back to her immediately with our selection.

She called me when I was in PA 1.5 weeks ago to confirm, get my card info, etc... and to book the flight. Yay, right?!

No. I called USAIR today to confirm what name they had me under since my passport still has my maiden name and they didn't have a reservation for us. At all. On ANY flight.

So then I look at my credit card statement and NOTHING has been booked. No flight, no resort, nothing.

I DON'T GET IT! If it wasn't for the fact we already had money invested in this trip with them from last year, they would have been fired a LONG time ago. I just don't understand it. They were soooo good last time. And were for others I referred to them as well. But now? WTF!

If she caused us to lose the fair/rates or if there are no seats left on that flight, I don't even know what I'm going to do.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


OK - so I finally got my butt in gear yesterday and started calling some daycares. I had my spreadsheet ready with the phone numbers and a list of some questions (thank you to a fellow blogger for additional questions!) and started dialing.

There were a couple I really liked over the phone, others seemed fine, but didn't like the "person" as much on the other end of the phone. But, to be fair, we'll do tours of them all to get the real feel.

The part that hit me the mots was cost. I knew it would be a lot, but it was still shocking to hear in person. Most of them ranged from $225 to $245 a week. One was max $187. Yikes! There were some variances - ie: some provide formula/food/snacks, others did not.

While I do not want to pay that much money, I'm not seeing much of a choice. I called a few in-home places and so far, I did not like them. I'm trying to get recommendations, but no one near me has kids and those with kids don't use daycares anywhere near us, so I'm on my own at this point.

We hope to get the tours done in the next few weeks and are already on the waiting list for a few. Guess we'll see how it goes!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sign up for Classes

Had a sec to pop in amongst my million travels to get online, so wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope everyone's doing well.

DH and I signed up for classes the other day. Seems like a lot, but, honestly, when I read the descriptions, they all sounded relevant - so we did it. LOL

- Breastfeeding Your Baby
- Child & Infant CPR
- Childbirth Prep Marathon
- Maternity Info Night (meet everyone, tour, free massages!)
- New Parents Class
- Pregnancy Workout

Up next is finally making Daycare calls. I've narrowed down the list, just have to actually make the calls to see who has openings and set up visits. I don't know why I keep putting it off, but I do. Hopefully I'll get off my butt and get it done this week while I'm away and then visit next week.

If any of you have tips on the classes, daycare, etc..., let me know - I'll take them!