Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yup - I was right :-(

Reflux it is. Went to the pediatrician today and she agreed 100% with my diagnosis of Ryan's issue and gave us an Rx for Zantac to try. 0.5cc twice a day. If things don't improve, than can try 3x/day. Here's to hoping it works!

While we were there, we popped him on the scale to check his weight:

Ryan's Weight:
Birth: 8.0
2dPP: 7 lb 7 oz
2 weeks: 8 lb 1 oz
Today (5w4d): 9lb 15oz!

So he is just 1 oz of being an even 10 lbs!

I also popped myself on the adult scale and am down 1 lb from the last I checked - yay!

Mommy's Weight:

Final Total PG Weight Gain: +11
1 week PP: -12 lbs -- officially below pre-PG weight (but far from where I should be!)
2 weeks PP: -22 lbs -- apparently my body really likes no longer being pregnant or on any more IF drugs!
5w4d PP: -23 lbs -- So not much of a loss from a couple weeks ago, but a loss is a loss, right? ;-)

So, let's hope this Rx works and he starts to feel better soon!

And if I don't get on before Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ryan is increasingly crying/whining while feeding, is almost constantly squirming (ie: straightening out, kicking his feet, pulling his head away (while still attached to nipple - ouch) while eating, gets the hiccups a lot and has been super fussy/crying lately. So much to the point we're having a hard time consoling him right now after he just got done eating. Doesn't spit up much, though - 2-3 times max since he's been born.

I can tell he is definitely in some sort of pain and it breaks my heart. We originally thought maybe it was gas, but after reading up, I'm beginning to think maybe reflux?

Will call the pedi tomorrow/Monday and hopefully get an appointment to get this figured out!

I'm sorry, Ryan!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blood Lines

DH is absolutely in love with Ryan. And I can't even put into words how it makes me feel to see him with out little guy - it's beyond amazing. He is such a good daddy!

DH is adopted and has never met his biological family. He has never had any desire to. And while DH was out today he sent me this text message:

"Did you know Ry Guy is the first human I have met that I share DNA with? That's pretty cool. I love him!"

I never really thought about it that way, but I think it's so amazing and so special that DH finally has this special link, you know? ;-)

Visiting Daddy at School!

Besides being a teacher, DH is also the SADD advisor for his school - and yesterday we took a trip to school to visit daddy and bring some cookies that we made for the kids!

Baking with Mommy:

(I may or may not have accidentally dropped cookie dough on Ryan's face during this picture and just had to kiss it off of him) lol

Visiting Daddy!

Was a great day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

1 Month - wow

Has it really been that long? I have been a very bad blogger! I've been writing things down on paper, but haven't put them in here. Wasn't sure if I wanted to put pictures of him out here or not. But, I've decided I do! Especially since I have one in my siggy on the message boards anyway. ;-)

So - I will go back and type those entries into here and will back-date them so they'll be in order for history. ;-)

In the meantime, here are a couple pics!

OK - wow scary face on me, but this was right after he was born - yay!

If anyone's still reading this, check back soon - I'm hoping to find time between holding our little guy and feeding him to get them up soon!

Friday, October 16, 2009

He's here!

Ryan Thomas was born at 2:22 am this morning weighing in at 8 lbs even and a nice 22 inches long!

I'll post more later when I get some pics from my family. DH and I are in love already!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Going to the Hospital!

So - apparently the little guy WAS trying to break his way out last night. ;-) I woke up this morning at 5:00 to go to the bathroom and felt a gush of water. Thought ok - might be my water breaking. Then I started to feel contractions about every 5 minutes.

Was supposed to go to the doctor this afternoon anyway for a check, but they had me come in anyway. On my way out the door, I had no doubt that my water broke and had to go change before I could leave the house.

They did an internal and I'm 100% effaced, but only 1cm dilated (boo!). But, since my water broke and I'm GBS+, they are requiring me to go in now to the hospital anyway.

So - now just waiting for the husband to get home and we'll be on our way. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belly Movement!

The little guy was going crazy in my belly, so I thought I'd take a quick video. Don't mind the poor quality or weird sound my camera is making, but you can see he was having a grand time in there! LOL

40w2d - Movement!

Maybe he's trying to work his way out of my belly?! LOL

Monday, October 12, 2009

40 Weeks - Happy Due Date To Me!

Well, today is officially my due date and looks like it's going to come and go without us getting to meet our little guy!

We had our first bi-weekly appointment this morning which started with the NST then the regular appointment. I've had one NST before when I was nervous about not feeling him move (only to have him go crazy while I was sitting in the waiting room), so I was looking forward to today's appointment. I love just sitting there listening to his heartbeat and feeling him move!

DH didn't go to the one prior (was out of town), but he went today and was amazed at how much he moved!

I knew going into the appointment this morning that he wasn't going to be ready, but to look at the tape and see not a SINGLE contraction on there? Yeah.... ;-) The only spikes on the contraction line were from when he kicked the monitor! lol Doctor's exact words were: Well, he's as happy as a clam in there!

So - I have another appointment on Thursday which will include another NST, an u/s to check for fluid levels and another appointment with the doctor including an internal. Based on that appt, we'll go from there to determine if we continue to let things go or pick a date.

So - I guess it's up to the little guy to see what he wants to do! I'm in no rush, but do want to meet him soon!

On a related note, I wanted to wish Larissa the best of luck - she is only 2 days behind me and is in labor as we speak! Come on, Larissa!

Friday, October 9, 2009

This Weekend and Last

I apparently didn't post about it, but my mom came down to visit last weekend to spend one last "solo" weekend together before the baby arrived and it was awesome! Dad was supposed to come down and hang with DH, but something came up and he couldn't come. :-(

But, I still had an awesome time just hanging with my mom! We hung out and chatted, went shopping, went for walks, out to eat, apple picking (complete with cider donuts - yum!), just everything! Yay!

And this weekend DH and I are spending together in case it's our last one as just the two of us. We've been trying to do things like that lately anyway, but the reality has set in that this may, in fact, truly be the last weekend! We're going to go to dinner, watch movies (not in the theater - I can't handle sitting there that long anymore), go for walks, just whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it. I can't wait! (And yes, I know we can do many of those items with the baby, but it's still something special to do with just the two of us). ;-)

Here are some pics from apple picking (I like the ones better with my mom in them, but I don't want to post without her permission):

And Larissa - if you're reading this - we are so close! Wonder which little guy will come first!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

39 week Appt & pictures

Had my last regular weekly appt on Wednesday at 39w2d and the doctor said everything looked good! He said I've even dropped some, but I'm not sure I see it. Maybe? lol

I now go twice weekly until the baby is here and if I go more than a week overdue, we'll do another ultrasound for sizing, placenta, etc... But, as far as next week's appointments go, they'll be the standard weight/bp/hb/urine checks - but we also get to do an NST before each. I'm actually looking forward to that part - getting to hear his little heartbeat for about 20 minutes while I get to not be at work! lol

Here are the stats for this week's appt:

Baby's HB: going strong and steady as always in the 140-150 range
My BP: 114/70
My Weight: +1, so now at total +12 (I thought I was supposed to stop gaining at this point? ha)

And a couple pics:

Just 4 days to go!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nursery Pics!

Despite being 39 weeks tomorrow, we are not done - still have to hang stuff on the walls, and we can't decide WHAT to do for curtains, but thought I'd share what we've done so far. it's at least usable if the little guy comes tomorrow!

I don't have a good before picture (forgot to take one), and went through many a paint change, but here's the progression so far...

"The Before": The closest "Before" that I have. The entire room was the off-white/cream color you see on top with brown stained trim around the windows and base boards:

We then painted the bottom "Guacamole" and the top "Lettuce Alone" green (both by Olympic). We loved the bottom, the top looked AWFUL. So, I bring you:

"The During":

The paint "chips" looked great in person, but on the wall, ummm, no. I swear it glowed. So off to the store we went again and bought spent forever comparing shades of blue for the top instead. We finally settled on "Crashing Waves" also by Olympic. And to that, we bought some chair rail, while, and even mitred the corners ourselves. So this now leads to:

"The After":

We love the colors - the chair rail/trim really set it off and add the perfect touch!

To this, we added the Baby Mod "Cadence" Crib from Walmart in Espresso...

The Crib:

And the "Hartford" dresser by Rockland from JCPenney...

The Dresser/Changer:

Both came super fast, were pretty easy to put together, and came with no scratches. They look beautiful - both rich espresso colors that actually match really well despite being different colors - and seem pretty sturdy - ESPECIALLY the crib. I recommend to anyone!

Here's the bedding - "Monkey Vine" from BRU - ties in the greens, blues, and browns...

The Bedding:

I love the colors and the subtle monkey-theme. Very cute! I had this on my wish-list but wasn't going to buy b/c, honestly, it's pretty expensive. But my mom surprised me with it one day - she has spoiled this little one already (she also gifted us the crib - we are so blessed) and he's not even here yet! Thank you, mom!

The Decor:
As I mentioned above, we're not done decorating, but we added an espresso colored wicker basket to the dresser with the changing pad, a matching wicker hampter and are also going to be adding white shelves to the wall to put pictures, other items and are also going to have his name over his crib like this:

Name with be olive green to match the walls and the monkey will be this brown. Other than that, we may hang a few other things, but for now, that's about it.

OK - this post turned out longer than I thought (sorry!), but I just love the room. It's not even done, yet neither DH nor I can stop going into the room. We just love it! And the colors should be able to grow with him from infancy into boyhood, no?

Oh - and if you have idea for curtains, let me know! We've tried white, brown, and green, and don't like them. Thinking we may have to do a mixure.

OK - guess that's it. I'll try and post more pics once it's finished, but here are a few last shots of the room with what we've at least got in there so far. Thanks for looking!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, October 2, 2009

38 Week Pics!

I never remember to post them when I make my regular weekly update. But, here are pics from this morning at 38w4d. 10 days until the big EDD!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

38 Week Appt

Nothing again out of the ordinary. Was probably my shortest yet.

Baby's HB: he didn't say, just said sounded good and regular
My BP: 110/80
My Weight: +1, so now at total +11

That was about it. When he looked at my belly he goes "Wow, no stretch marks!" Then proceeded to look around and then go - oh wait, there's one - but you can hide that since it's down low". I was like - what?!?! I look at myself every day in the mirror for them and haven't seen any. So you can bet I went home and did the same thing (and made DH check, too). And no - there was stretch mark there. I blame it on an underwear line. ;-)

He said to schedule an appt for next week (but I already have them booked past my due date), but that he hoped he didn't see me again! lol I told him I was ok if he continued to bake in there until full term. ;-)

How far along?: 38w3d - only 11 days left until D-day!
Total Weight Gain: +1 since last appt, total +11
Stretch Marks?: not on the belly - Dr was wrong! ;-)
Sleep?: same - eh. Getting lonely. I find I end up moving to a spare bed and sleeping by myself. I think I get in my head too much and get worried about waking DH up with all my movements. And therefore get even less sleep. I miss sleeping with him!
Best Moment This Week: DH begging to meet his son ;-) It's so cute how much he wants to meet him!
Movement: he's keeping busy ;-)
Food Cravings: Still nope. Would be helpful if I did on those nights where I can't decide what I want for dinner!
Labor Signs: not really - would be nice to have some to let me know something's going on, but I'll be patient.
Symptoms: same as always.
Belly Button In or Out?: Still in.
What I miss: sleeping and being able to move as easily - especially when trying to finish up the nursery.
What am I looking forward to: finishing the nursery and my mom's visit this weekend!
WeeklyWisdom: nothing.
Milestones: I'll be hitting single digits this week on the number of days left until EDD!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

37 Week Appointment

Nothing out of the ordinary - just a standard appt:

Baby's HB: 150's
My BP: 120/70 (went up from 110/70, but OB said they didn't worry unless it was over 140/90)
My Weight: -1, so now at total +10

OB did what I'll call an external exam - measured fundal height like usual (on track) and then felt my uterus for the shape, size, and position of the baby. While he didn't get any real measurements, he said that the little guy felt like he was "average" which I'm ok with! lol I'll take average over a big/little guy!

Other than that, nothing else too exciting. Still carrying high, so I expect him to be in there for a while still. Gives my lazy butt time to finish things up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

37 Week Pictures!

I forgot to post them below, so here goes:

One of these days I may put a side-by-side of now vs. earlier in the pregnancy. I haven't done that yet even for myself to look at!
Hope everyone is doing well!

37 weeks = Full Term!

Not much to update this week other than I'm Full Term! No, that doesn't mean I want him to come now, but hey - I don't see him making his move yet anyway. ;-)

We had our birthing class on Saturday and, while long, it was informative - especially for DH who hasn't done as much research yet. And we have our last class tomorrow night - Infant & Child CPR. Why it is scheduled to take 3 hours, I'm not sure (maybe they're doing other safety things, too?).

Other than that, I've been a shot-free, "regular" pregnant girl for a full week now and it's kinda nice!

How far along?: 37w1d
Total Weight Gain: +0 since last appt, total +11
Stretch Marks?: still no new ones - still just the couple on the underside of my breasts, knock on wood!
Sleep?: same - sleep, up to pee, sleep, up to pee, repeat.
Best Moment This Week: Full term!
Movement: he's keeping busy ;-)
Food Cravings: Still nope.
Labor Signs: not really
Symptoms: same as always - periodic heartburn, we're back to constipation, my lovely right rib and leg.
Belly Button In or Out?: Still in.
What I miss: wow I'm boring - not much has changed in a lot of these. Still the same - sleeping all night on my back/stomach.
What am I looking forward to: dresser arriving and we can hopefully finalize his little room!
WeeklyWisdom: nothing really. I bought an exercise ball and plan to use that often.
Milestones: Full Term!

Friday, September 18, 2009

This Weekend

We have a lot going on this weekend!

- Work shower (yummy cake!)
- Going to grab dinner and see The Informant with Matthew Damon. Looks good!

- Birthing class
- Finish up shopping for the baby (we got 3 of the same stroller, so thought we'd return 2 to finish things up).

- DH watch football and go fishing
- Me - finally turning in that pregnancy massage gift certificate DH got me for my birthday! Yaaaay!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

36 weeks!

So, here we are at 36w3d - not too far from being full term!

Stats from this week's Appt:
LO's HB: he was too busy moving around for her to get a real measurement!
My BP: 110/70
My Weight: +0, total +11
Position: still head down!
How far along?: 36w3d
Total Weight Gain: +0 since last appt, total +11
Stretch Marks?: still no new ones - still just the couple on the underside of my breasts, knock on wood!
Sleep?: same - sleep, up to pee, sleep, up to pee, repeat.
Best Moment This Week: Our shower on Saturday! It was great!
Movement: Still lots of movement. He made me nervous Thursday night when he wasn't moving as much, but he of course proved me wrong once I got to the OB office for the NST!
Food Cravings: Still none yet.
Labor Signs: not really, I don't think. My constipation has decided to go to the other extreme (TMI, sorry) end and a bit of upset belly, but who knows what that really is. And then some standard Braxton Hicks still.
Symptoms: heartburn periodically and the constipation has went the other direction Other than that, just my lovely right rib and leg – although not constant, thankfully.
Belly Button In or Out?: Still in.
What I miss: still the same - sleeping all night on my back/stomach. Oh, how I still miss thee.
What am I looking forward to: My work shower is tomorrow and birthing class is Saturday. After that, it's date night for DH and I!
WeeklyWisdom: nothing really. I’m so boring. haha
Milestones: I am now injection free! Took my last Lovenox injection plus Baby Aspirin and B6 pill on Monday. It's so weird! lol Oh - and I'll be full term on Monday!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm Vibrating

LOL Last night my right hip flexor (ish) area started vibrating. Comes and goes. Still happening today. It's the weirdest thing ever.

Gotta love the things pregnancy does to your body. Any one else experience that?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Shower & Grey's Anatomy

So my baby shower was yesterday and I loved it! It was just so awesome to have everyone there together to celebrate our little one! It made me so happy and can't wait to tell DH all about it when he gets home!

I even gave the LO a tour last night of his nursery and told him about the day and showed him some of the items. lol Yup, I'm a dork. ;-)

I'll post some pictures and tell more about it once I get some from mom or some of the other fine ladies who took them. ;-)

(And a big thank you again to the dinner club! haha)

And - on another note - OMG - I can't wait for 9/24 when the new Grey's Anatomy season starts. Just these 5+ minutes were good!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, September 11, 2009

NST #1 and Baby Shower!

So - I had my first mini-freak out about the baby. Usually the little guy is very active at night and last night he just was not. I barely felt him move - even after all my usual tricks - poking my belly, putting my laptop on my belly, eating ice cream, etc... And still this morning. So I called my OB and they had me come in.

And wouldn't you know it, once I sit down in the waiting room the little guys starts moving like crazy and now won't stop! lol And I am NOT complaining!

But it was pretty cool to just be able to sit in there and listen to his heartbeat fluctuate for 10-15 minutes and see the contraction thing move. I don't know what it all relates to, but the contraction piece varied from 3% - 39% during the test and the heartbeat was all over the place - especially when he moved. So cool to see!

They said everything looked great, confirmed my regular appointment for next week and sent me on my way. They also made sure to tell me to call anytime - to not hesitate ever, that's what they're there for. That made me feel great!

And I learned one more thing - the NP who checked in said - Hmm, I wonder why you have a blue folder. Turns out, b/c I was at the RE, I have a special folder - that's kinda cool to know - I like knowing where I came from and why I may be paranoid sometimes. ;-)

So - other than that, DH is going fishing with a friend of his up by my parents' this weekend and tomorrow is my shower. I can't wait - to have everyone all in one place. Yay!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

35 week Pictures!

I forgot to post these earlier. Here are some pics for this week! He's growing!

Horton Hears the Who

So DH has started a new book with the baby last night - Horton Hears a Who. We made it about 1/3 of the way through last night before we fell asleep. Here's what I found waiting for me in my Inbox this morning from DH:

Horton hears the Who. Tonight part 2 at 11pm. Horton takes a bus and goes to Buffalo to see the WHO in concert on their reunion tour.....he is faced with some tough choices and... oh wrong version. See ya tonight.

I love DH and I love that he makes me laugh - hope you all have a fantastic day!

35 Weeks Appt

So, I’m 35w3d today and we had our last bi-weekly appointment yesterday. From now on, we go every week – hello doctors! Haha

Yesterday’s appointment was a bit of a change-up from the standard – in and out appointment. They did the Group B Strep swab yesterday (will find out results at next week’s appointment) with some nice little swabs in the front and the back, followed by my first internal. Still holding long, hard and closed!

After the appointment we stopped off for my 3rd tri Thyroid draw and then to Walmart for an exercise ball. My back doesn’t really hurt (thank goodness!) but I figured it can’t really hurt to start using it. And this way I’ll have it for labor, as well.

Here are the stats:

LO's HB: upper 140's
My BP: 110/78
My Weight: +0, total +11
Position: still head down!


How far along?: 35 weeks! (and 3 days ;-) )

Total Weight Gain: +0 since last appt, total +11

Stretch Marks?: still no new ones - still just the couple on the underside of my breasts, knock on wood!

Sleep?: pillows still helping, but still not sleeping all the way through. Sometimes feels like I do, though since I’ve been going to bed so much later lately. I think Nesting has kicked in – I keep working on projects and can’t stop!

Best Moment This Week: Finishing painting the nursery, we put the crib together last night (it’s beautiful!) and just seeing DH so excited about this little guy. Talking to my belly, kissing my belly, reading to my belly, everything. I love it and I love him even more!

Movement: Still lots of movement. Especially after I eat ice cream – he absolutely takes after mommy in this aspect! haha

Food Cravings: Still none yet.

Labor Signs: not really

Symptoms: heartburn periodically and the constipation has lessened (thank you Colace!). Other than that, just my lovely right rib and leg – although not constant, thankfully.

Belly Button In or Out?: Still in.

What I miss: still the same - sleeping all night on my back/stomach. Oh, how I miss thee.

What am I looking forward to: My shower is this Saturday!Weekly

Wisdom: nothing really. I’m so boring. haha

Milestones: Nursery is painted and crib is put together. Do those count?

Monday, September 7, 2009


Wow! I've always seen people post about hitting their 35/35 (35 weeks pg, 35 days left), and now it's my turn. 5 weeks left - wow!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Busy Week!

: Had a lot going on this past week - phew!

Monday: Hit 34 weeks and watched my old softball team play in game 2 of the league championship.

Tuesday: we went to our breastfeeding class - seemed to be pretty informative and it's good to know we can see the lactation consultants anytime we need!

Wednesday: went to our "So Now You're a Family/.Taking Care of a Newborn" class. Lots of good info there, and very happy we went. DH even learned to change a diaper and swaddle!

Thursday: game 3 of my old softball team - they ended up losing the series 2-1. :-(

Friday: wedding

Saturday: Finished painting the nursery and putting up the chair rail. We think it looks great and will have to post pictures soon!

Sunday: spent the day hanging out in Lake George - weather was awesome!

Phew - I'm tired just writing all that! lol This coming week should be almost as busy - but again with good stuff!

Monday, August 31, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago yesterday, we lost our little kitty. We will always remember you, Riley! You would have made a wonderful "big brother" to our little one on the way. :-(

We hope you're having a fantastic time in kitty heaven!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

33 weeks!

Had another OB appointment today - just the basics:

LO's HB: upper 150's
My BP: 110/68
My Weight: +1, total +11
Up Next: our last bi-weekly appt which will include the Strep B swab and possibly the final thyroid test. After that, it's weekly appts. Then daily once I hit my due date.


How far along?: 33 weeks! (and 2 days ;-) )

Total Weight Gain: +1 since last appt, total +11

Stretch Marks?: still no new ones - still just the couple on the underside of my breasts, knock on wood!

Sleep?: still wake up a lot, but have acquired quite the pile of pillows to try and help!

Best Moment This Week: lots of movement and hearing the HB at our appt today!

Movement: Oh still going strong. He's been kind enough to add in cervix punches lately. ;-)

Food Cravings: Still none yet.

Labor Signs: just the basic BH's.

Symptoms: heartburn has lessened, but constipation has set in a little. Bought some Colace just in case! Rib issues still here - mostly the right side. Have had it since early on. Not sure what causes it, but helps if I raise my right arm or lay on my side. Back getting a bit sore, but DH gives me a massage every night and I am SO thankful for it!

Belly Button In or Out?: Still in.

What I miss: still the same - sleeping all night on my back/stomach. Oh, how I miss thee.

What am I looking forward to: Pregnancy related - doing my last injection (Lovenox) in just 1.5 weeks! It'll be weird, but I bet it'll be nice! Oh - and painting our nursery this weekend!

Weekly Wisdom: nothing really.

Milestones: um, does this count? We got our first gift off our registry which was unexpected and pretty cool!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Belly Pics

I have more to upload, but can't remember what email address/password I used for that page. Hopefully I figure it out soon - oops!

In the meantime, here are a couple:

31 weeks:
Not so very flattering with the Lovenox bruises and armpits lol Sorry!

32 weeks:

Have a great weekend!