Saturday, March 3, 2012

So, It's Been a While...

Yeah. More than a while. Try 2+ years. ;-)

Ryan is now 2+ years old - almost 2.5. Hard to believe. And, after a LOT of back-and-forth, we have just started our first round of IVF for little one #2. Also hard to believe. So, I thought I'd start blogging here again to keep track.

Here are some pics of Ryan:

We are currently potty training and he's doing really well! We still haven't braved going diaperless when we leave the house to go to the store or for naps/bedtime, but he is in underwear at home and at school. He feels like such a big boy!

He is honestly the joy of our life. He is SUCH a happy little boy. He has some tantrums every once in a while like any 2 year old would, but honestly - I thought it would be so much worse! (and, before anyone comments, I do know we aren't even yet 3 and there are still plenty of times for tantrums even then! ha)

He loves to chase the cat, swing, has really gotten into sports lately and loves to read. He can count to 20, knows his ABC's, knows his address and can speak in full sentences. He's into trains, cars, reptiles and dinosaurs and his favorite book is Dinosaurumpus!

He also loves the outdoors and walk in the woods (just like his Daddy!)

During these last 2+ years I have found out I much prefer the toddler stage to the newborn stage. So, if we do get lucky with this IVF cycle, what do you think the odds are of the little one coming out as a one year old? Can we at least compromise at 6 months? ;-)

As mentioned above, we went back-and-forth so much on wether to try again or not for a second baby. I mean - we have been so blessed with Ryan, why not just be happy with what we have, right? Especially since we are definitely no spring chickens any more (not that we were when we went through this the first time). I don't know. Scares the hell out of me sometimes when I think about it. But, we also know the joy of a little one and we know Ryan would be a great big brother. So here we are!

Had CD3 appt on Thursday and started Stims and Dexamethasone that day. Here's what I'm doing as of now:

Stims Days 1-4:

Bravelle: 150 iu
Menopur: 150 iu
Dexamethasone: 0.5 mg
Levothyroxin: 100 mcg

Differences so far from my BFP cycle:

- Bravelle vs. Follistim (not much of a difference, really)
- Didn't start with Lupron (did both Lupron and Ganirelix last time)
- No estrogen priming
- No baby aspirin (they've changed their procedure with this one and don't have you start until after retrieval to help reduce the risk of bleeding since it's a blood thinner)

Next check is on Monday. Curious if this cycle will turn into the rollercoaster marathon like Ryan's cycle was. I'm ok if it does. Just curious how my body will react this many years later, you know?

OK - I've typed long enough. Hope everyone is doing well!