Monday, March 5, 2012

Stim Day 5

Results of today's appt:

Estrodiol: 540 (quite the jump from the 41 at baseline last week)

TSH: 10.7 Oops. Yeah, that's a lot high. This was actually done at the baseline appt but didn't ask the full number today. Caused them to up my Levothyroxin to 100mc from the 25 I was on before that appt. Was told today I needed to make an appt. with an enrodcrinologist. My number has never been this high before. Yikes.


- Left: 10.06, 11.44
- Right: 12.02, 12.16, 12.33, 12.70, 12.88

So, based on all of the above, they adjusted my meds:
- Bravelle: dropped to 75 iu
- Menopur: kept at 150 iu
- Ganirelix: start 250 mcg sub-q tonight

Stay on the Dexamethasone throughout. Wasn't on this last time so I asked what it was for as it's basically a corticosteroid. They mentioned that they have added it to help reduce inflammation to help with implantation - so the uterus potentially wouldn't fight it as much thinking the embie was a foreign body when transferred. Interesting.

I'm actually not liking how this cycle is progressing. Yay for having follies so far, but it's making me nervous as it's mimicking my first 2 cycles which were both BFN's. 9 days of stimming which looks to be about on track for this cycle. While it would be nice to not have to go 16 days like my BFP cycle, I kind of like the theory of slow and steady wins the race rather than the speedy cycle with crappier eggs.

And yes, I do realize every cycle is different. Just hard not to compare when those 1st two cycles were so similar with similar results, you know?

On 2 unrelated notes:
- 1st round of Girl Scout cookies arrived today. I felt guilty and ordered from 2 ladies at work this year (they bought to support my son's daycare ;-) ) Let's just say I've already eaten too many and have buried them at the bottom of my bag. Out of sight out of mind? I doubt it ocme 3:00. ;-)

My sister is coming down to stay for a few days! This is the sister that lives in Australia. She came home on 2/11 and goes back on 3/18. She usually only comes home once a year so I'm trying to soak up every minute that I can. I saw her the 1st 2 weekends she was home, but she has either been visiting my other sister or sick after that. Looking forward to having her all to ourselves!

Hope you're having a great day!

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